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Mrs. Kamlesh Sharma

Tel: +91-98160-44020


Every since its inception in 1983, Lily Little Flower School Rangas has emerged as one of the leading schools of learning in Himachal Pradesh. With its sole motto of transforming students into awakened responsible and accountable citizens of this nation. After facing so many hurdles and hindrances this school has emerged like a shining star in the field of quality education. The students of this school have excelled in different academic and non-academic activities and brought a fair name to the school.

All this has become possible because of committed efforts of Mr. Kamlesh Sharma (principal) academic faculty, able staff and enthusiastic students. The sheer grace and blessings of almighty cannot be ignored. It wouldn’t have been possible without the kind co-operation and support of the local people who have extended their help time to time to this school. The name of this institution has a special significance as time toddlers have been compared with the flower ‘Lily’. The school is affiliated to HPSE Board Dharmashala and has been providing an ideal ambience to the students for pursuit of learning and development of personality. The school has not only established its credibility as one of the prime place of quality education but also is instrumental in enhancing the futuristic status in the society.

“The quality of a nation depends upon the quality of its citizens. The quality of its citizens depends upon the quality of their education. The quality of education depends upon the quality of Teachers and School.

Lily Little Flower School has left no stone unturned in the field of quality education. The school has inculcated moral values in consonance with our cultural heritage and social objectives. The students of this school have excelled in various fields like education – NIT, PMT, Air Force, Sanik School, Medical, Engineering, Administrations and sports also.

The main reason of these outstanding results is discipline, qualified Teachers and congenial education atmosphere in the school.

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